PC Advisor Awards winners 2013

We present our roll call of honour for the best of the past year's technology, and our guide to the brands you can trust. Here are the winners of the PC Advisor Awards 2013.

The arguments are over, the battles won and lost, and an almost impossible task is completed. Our team of experts has taken into account the 2,000 or so tech products we've reviewed over the past 12 months and created a list of only the very best in key product areas.

The PC Advisor Awards winners for 2013 await you over the next few pages.

Our annual roll call of honour considers every piece of hardware and software that has passed through our Test Centre over the past year. We looked for innovation and excellence, outstanding performance and value for money, then created the shortlist that was published in the previous issue.
Only excellent products make the PC Advisor Awards shortlist, and we congratulate all the manufacturers represented on the list. If a product still looks great from the viewpoint of up to a year after its first review, the chances are that it is great.

That does, however, mean that the PC Advisor Awards winners list is not necessarily a buyer's guide – for that you should read our group tests and Top 5 charts. Some of the products here may no longer be available, and in some categories they may have been superseded. But rest assured that each is the standout product in its own area, for reasons we will explain.

Whittling down the shortlist to pick out individual winners isn't easy. In all cases arguments could be (and were) made for products other than the eventual winners. But winners there must be, and in each case we've explained our reasoning and why that particular product is best.

We also list the hardware makers and online retailers you voted worthy winners of Reader Awards.

PC Advisor Awards 2013: Hardware Awards winners

Best Windows Desktop PC Brand

Best Budget Laptop

Best Windows Laptop

Best 7in Tablet

Best 10in Tablet

Best Smartphone

Best Monitor

Best Printer

Best Wireless Networking Product

Best Network Storage Device

Best Storage Device

Best Portable Storage Device

Best Graphics Card

Best Camera

Best Audio Product

Best Digital Home Device

Best TV

PC Advisor Awards 2013: Software Awards winners

Best Security Software

Best Photo/Video Software

Best Game

Best Mobile Game

PC Advisor Awards 2013: Business Technology Awards winners

Best Business Laptop

Best Business Printer

Best Business Software

PC Advisor Awards 2013: Reader Awards winners

PC Advisor Awards 2013 Reader Awards winners