Four days after its online payment website was slowed and only intermittently available to users because of a coding problem, began recovering on Tuesday night and was once again available to its customers.

In an update on the service problems posted on its site early on Wednesday morning, San Jose-based PayPal, which is owned by online auction vendor EBay said its technicians had finally solved the problem. The exact nature of the repair wasn't announced.

"We have made good progress in restoring the PayPal site functionality," the statement said. "Most members are now able to perform all site activities. Should you encounter any errors, please try again."

Sara Bettencourt, a PayPal spokesperson, said that the site's performance had "improved significantly" after the repairs were made, "allowing most users to transact without incident”.

“We're monitoring the situation closely throughout the night and will update the community as soon as we have new information," she said.

Many of PayPal's users had been having problems logging into and using the site since Friday, when a monthly code update went awry, drastically dropping the performance of the site and causing time-out errors and other problems.

The impact of the four-day service disruption isn't known, but many buyers and sellers were inconvenienced because they couldn't make or collect payments for items sold in online auctions and stores. has about 50m user accounts, including about 15.5m that are active, according to the company.