Palm expanded wireless support for its products today by releasing a low-power Bluetooth card that allows newer models of the company's handhelds to communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The SD (secure digital) format Bluetooth card can plug into the expansion slot on either the m500 or m505 Palm models.

Made by Toshiba, the card should cost under £120 and be available in the Europe by December.

Bluetooth is intended for wireless communication between multiple devices over distances up to about 10 metres. The SD card should allow two Palm devices to communicate with one another or with other Bluetooth-enabled products such as mobile phones, laptops and printers.

Palm expects most people will initially use Bluetooth to send data from one Palm device to another, such as business cards, documents or emails. When more Bluetooth-enabled PCs and mobile phones arrive, it'll be easier to synchronise Palms wirelessly with a PC or use a mobile phone to access the internet.

Application developers could also come up with some interesting uses for the cards such as networked video games.