ISP Net in a Nutshell has suspended its unmetered service without bothering to warn its users.

The following message appeared on the website's home page on Saturday: "Due to circumstances beyond Nutshell's control, the internet service is currently suspended. All enquiries should be directed by email to [email protected]"

The company is blaming a contractual dispute with its supplier Cable & Wireless for the suspension of service.

With the demise of at the beginning of the month, many internet users on non-BT lines defected to Net in a Nutshell.

After an initial honeymoon period in which the ISP attracted rave reviews, the service ground to a halt with users complaining of poor download speeds and engaged tones.

Reader Jim Veale signed up to Nutshell thanks to a recommendation from a friend. "I visited Nutshell's website — it was perfect for me — three months signup for £29.97 [with an] 0800 access number," he said.

"It was working great, good connection speed, fast download times. Then the second week everything changed, for a period of seven days I could not access the net except early mornings, no access after mid-day until the following morning."

Reader and forum visitor Patrick Purcell, meanwhile, was affronted by the lack of notification.

"Apart from the obvious inconvenience of it being 'suspended', Nutshell have told us nothing by email," he said.

"It's bad enough it's down without warning, but not to provide any direct information is a PR disaster and hardly enhances confidence in those in charge."

If you've been affected by the suspension of Nutshell or have anything to say about unmetered access click here.