Several major computer manufacturers marched out 1GHz notebooks yesterday.

Intel's 1GHz mobile processor (also released yesterday) uses Speedstep technology, and slows to 700MHz when operating on battery power to save energy.

HP will be among the first to make use of the new chips, using them in three notebooks that it plans to launch this week.

"Many of our customers demand high-speed mobile devices," said a spokesperson at HP. "We hope the new range of notebooks will provide just that."

HP's Pavilion N6395 features the 1GHz processor, a 30GB hard drive and a 15in display.

Dell also announced support for the 1GHz chip in its Inspiron 8000 and Latitude C800 notebook computers on Monday.

NEC too announced its Versa VXi notebook computer will support the new mobile 1GHz PIII. The notebook will ship by mid-May.

Compaq launched its 1GHz Presario notebook on Monday. It also promised to deliver improved capabilities for its business-oriented Armada notebooks by April. Gateway's offering will be a 1Ghz Solo 9500.

A host of other notebook computer makers plans to produce machines using the new chips, including Acer, Fujitsu, IBM and Toshiba, according to Intel.