Internet service provider V21 has launched what it claims is the first completely porn-free, child-safe service.

The company promises to filter out all pornography and adult content from emails, chat rooms and internet sites, thereby enabling children to enter only sites deemed 'child-friendly'.

"It's just a shame all ISPs don't offer this service," said a spokeswoman at the NSPCC. Of course there are many ISPs out there trying to be family friendly, the daddy of them all being AOL.

Unlike filters or switches on a website, which can be turned on and off, V21's software is installed on to a user's PC and can stop the browser displaying offensive content. V21 claims the filter will recognise what's safe and what's not.

"It will let through educational sites for something like biology," said Kevin Baignet, Head of V21. "It's clever enough to know when something is indecent and when it's educational."

The service offers unlimited internet access for £12.99 per month, although confusingly its online presentation states £14.99 per month. Let's hope it's more consistent in its filtering of offensive content.

The computer industry is currently working with the government to develop a kitemark standards scheme for internet sites.