Wireless videophone specialist Emblaze Systems today announced it has signed a licensing deal with Italian mobile phone operator Wind which should mean video mail and other early multimedia content being pumped to UK '2.5G' mobile handsets by Christmas.

The scheme, which should be operational by early December, means people will be able to receive a range of media services such as live video mail to their PCs, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and mobile phones, as long as they have a GPRS (general packet radio service) account and capable unit. GPRS has become known as 2.5G as it was originally billed to be a stopgap between old digital GSM services and future 3G systems.

The company, formerly known as Geo Interactive, said people would be able to watch news, sport and entertainment clips on demand as well as send cards to their friends and families in time for Christmas. Whether this will really be possible remains to be seen.

Mobile phones that will be able to receive these services are Motorola's T260, Nokia's 9210, Ericsson's T39 and Siemens' S45.