PlayStation2 gamers will be able to play online from next week.

Sony will launch the broadband online gaming service on 11 June, it said Wednesday. Two games will be available at the launch date: Socom US Navy Seals and Twisted Black Metal online.

Socom US Navy Seals is the first network console game to allow voice communication between players, via a headset.

Players will need to buy a £24.99 network starter pack, containing a network adaptor and a network adaptor disc, to play the games. This plugs into a bay at the back of the console and links via an ethernet cable to a broadband connection.

US Navy Seals will cost £49.99, including the headset, and Twisted Black Metal will cost £24.99, or £39.99 bundled with the adaptor kit.

Sony has established broadband partnerships with Telewest, BT and Freeserve to offer packages specifically designed for PS2 network gaming.

The company will also launch the EyeToy, an innovative camera-based game controller for the PS2. The EyeToy is a small camera that fits on top of a TV set, connects up to your PS2 console via a single wire, and then records player movements in real time. So instead of controlling a game by pressing buttons, you do it by jumping and stretching in front of the camera.

The EyeToy release will be accompanied by a range of compatible games covering sport, dancing, fitness and fantasy. It is due for launch on 4 July priced £39.99.