From today, and for the first time ever, all National Lottery games will be playable online, in a bid to boost falling figures.

The site features a range of instant-win games offering the chance to rake in up to £10,000.

"This is just the first phase of an exciting long-term strategy to broaden the appeal of the National Lottery. The Games are aimed at a target audience of irregular lottery players who don't have the lifestyle to go and buy tickets at a retailer but who are comfortable with technology," said Richard Hurd-Wood, Camelot's interactive director.

The internet has made a huge difference to the gambling market. According to research carried out by Mori, eight percent of online users thought internet gambling was more addictive than normal betting.

Internet gambling was also highlighted by the research as safe place for betting women who were often intimidated by entering male-dominated bookmakers.

"Internet gambling is at the cutting edge of future entertainment and is an issue that must be grasped by many people as the number of sites and users will rise dramatically over the next decade," said Marc Griffith, fellow at Nottingham Trent University's psychology division.

The instant win games will be available to play between 7am and midnight seven days a week. Games cost between 25p and £1.