From the end of May it should be possible to buy domain names ending in .biz and .info.

Icann, the body that regulates which TLDs (top level domains), such as .com, can be used has approved plans for the .biz and .info TLDs. Registration for at least one of them will start later this month, Icann said yesterday.

The new TLDs are the first since the mid-1980s and will join .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, .mil and a host of country-code suffixes (ccTLDs) such as

Last November Icann decided to roll out seven new top-level domains: .biz, .info, .name, .pro, .aero, .museum and .coop. It is still unclear when the other five domain name suffixes will hit the web.

The .biz TLD will be restricted to commercial or business purposes. NeuLevel in Virginia will be the holder of the registry for .biz, says Icann. NeuLevel, according to its website, is expected to begin allowing businesses and corporations to start claiming .biz domain names later this month. Addresses that are awarded will become active in October, the company said.

The .info domain, meanwhile, will be an unrestricted TLD open to any business or individual user to register for any purpose. Afilias, based in Dublin, will be the holder of the .info registry and internet users can expect to see .info domain names in use as early as August.

For the end user it is expected that a .info domain name will cost about £24.50, a spokeswoman for Afilias said.