Watch out for Naked Wife, the latest email virus. It arrives with the ungrammatical message, 'My wife never look like this'. If opened, the attachment emails itself to everyone in the victim's Outlook or Outlook Express address book, and then deletes critical Windows system files.

According to antivirus software firms Naked Wife appears to launch a Flash movie player after the victim clicks on the attachment. The worm then attempts to deletes all BMP, COM, DLL, EXE, INI, and LOG files in the Windows and Windows\System directories.

Naked Wife is written in Visual Basic. As we keep telling people, VBScript viruses such as Naked Wife, Love Bug, Melissa et al can easily be avoided by disabling VBScript in Windows. Go here to find a step by step guide.

The other day PC Advisor received a posting on the Registered Users Area forum asking for more coverage in the magazine of Visual Basic programming. But viruses such as Naked Wife are part of the reason PC Advisor is very cautious about giving the green light to VBScript use.

"[Naked Wife] can cripple your computer," said Ian Hameroff, business manager for antivirus software at Computer Associates. "Strictly speaking, Naked Wife is a trojan because it appears to be doing one thing while actually doing another, in this case deleting a number of important files."