Wireless broadband company MyZones has launched what it calls the 'world's first integrated Wi-Fi broadband service' at today's WLAN exhibition in London's Olympia.

The service lets users share their wireless broadband connection with a friend or neighbour, allowing them to spilt the heavy cost of broadband subscriptions.

"MyZones enables consumers to deploy secure managed Wi-Fi broadband home zones, shared zones and public zones," said the company's press statement. "The three zones provided by MyZones enable consumers to deploy secure home Wi-Fi networks, operate as public access hotspot providers and share broadband costs with their neighbours."

But the act of sharing a connection itself is nothing new, despite the company's insistence that the service is 'revolutionary'.

There are myriad ways users can split their connection through routers and specially installed software, the problem, however, is that traditionally such applications require a fair deal of technical know-how to set up.

MyZones claims once the access point is installed the service is fully secure, developed as it is around the latest industry-approved WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security standard. Unlike other services, it also allows the main subscriber to authorise who uses the connection, for how long and when.

The company is offering a 30-day free trial; for users who already have a broadband connection and a wireless access point the service is free. However, the access point needs to support radius authentication and NAT addressing before you can sign up to the service.

MyZones costs £9.99 per month, payable on top of existing broadband subscription fees.