MSI plans to launch a mini-desktop version of its Wind system in Europe and Asia next month, with a company representative claiming the products are already in mass production.

The small desktops are designed with laptop PCs in mind and even carry the same 1.6GHz Intel Atom microprocessors as many of the latest mini-laptops, including Asus's Asus's new Eee PC 901. MSI hopes businesses will like the Wind desktops for their small size, low power consumption and quiet running since they require no fan for cooling.

MSI Wind laptop review

They also use the same 65W AC adaptors made for laptops. The desktop runs full speed at only 35W, compared to 250W for a traditional PC.

Specs on the mini-desktop are also similar to MSI's Wind mini-laptop. The desktop uses Microsoft's XP OS and comes with 1GB of DRAM and can be upgraded to 2GB. It also carries a 3.5in hard disc drives with up to 160GB of storage and has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless internet connectivity built in.

A major difference is they come with DVD drives on board.

The barebones versions of these mini-desktops will cost around $199 (£100), while mini-desktops with fully loaded features, including the maximum amount of DRAM and big HDDs will cost around $299 (£150), the representative said. No details of the UK pricing have been made available so far.

MSI's Wind desktop is three times smaller than a traditional PC chassis, just 300mm by 260mm by 65mm. It comes in a variety of colours, including black and white.

Mass production on a consumer version of the Wind desktop won't begin until August.

The Wind mini-desktop takes a page out of rival Asus's book. Last month, Asus revealed the Eee Box, a mini-desktop PC that has an Atom microprocessor, will come with either a Linux or Windows XP OS, and will begin selling in July for around $300 (£150). The machine takes its name from the popular mini-laptop, Eee PC, by Asustek.