MSI has unveiled a range of laptops at CeBIT this week, focusing on high-end models aimed at gamers.

Following a strategy not unlike that of Asus, MSI seems to be using CeBIT as a platform to adjust its brand positioning after becoming known as a maker of bargain netbooks; like Asus, MSI was around long before the netbook concept was dreamed up, but has since become strongly associated with the sector. As the recession shows signs of coming to an end, the firm appears to be focusing on customers with slightly more spare cash.

Although the company has also refreshed its Wind line of netbooks, MSI representatives preferred to show PC Advisor its G series of higher-end gaming laptops. The GT660, the top-of-the-range model, is a 16in-screen laptop based on a quad-core i7 processor and nVidia GeForce GTX 285M. It comes with 1GB of DDR3 RAM and two hard drives (each 500GB in the basic configuration).


The MSI GT660 is clearly designed as a luxury product, with a black-and-red exterior and glowing logo that should appeal to gamers and a much-hyped sound system - MSI says it worked with a sound design company and "completely overhauled the speaker circuits and housing structures traditionally found in laptops". There's also a button to switch the fan on or off.

Prices will vary according to the configuration, but MSI insisted that it will not go above £2,000 for the GT660. Prices will start at around £1,500, company representatives stated, with the minimum specs and no Blu-ray drive. The GT660 is expected to hit the UK in June.

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