Fujitsu was among the many manufacturers that showed off innovative gadgets at Tokyo's World PC Expo. It has combined two popular technologies to offer a digital music player that wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to audio files held on a PC.

The AirJuke, which is currently only available as a peripheral to Fujitsu-registered PC users in Japan, is roughly the same size as a digital music player but doesn't have an internal memory or memory card slots to hold music files. Instead, the device accesses digital music files stored on a matched PC via the wireless Bluetooth connection.

It has buttons that allow the music to be played, stopped, fast forwarded or rewound, while a small display on the front of the device provides details including the title and artist of the track being played.

It has sockets that allow it to be used with either a pair of headphones or connected to an audio system, measures 96x38x24mm and weighs 75g, including batteries.

The AirJuke costs ¥13,800 (£72) and at present is available only to people who buy their PCs from Fujitsu and register for its Azby Club. A company representative at World PC Expo said Fujitsu has no current plans to expand sales.