Time and Tiny are to offer unmetered internet access, but in very different ways. Tiny's doing flat rate internet, but Time's giving it away in return for a PC.

Tiny Online, the ISP branch of Tiny Computers, is to scrap its Net Access service just two months after its launch ago, in favour of T:Surf Plus. T:Surf is unmetered access, compared to Net Access which was a flat rate for a set number of minutes.

T:Surf Plus, a Friaco (flat rate internet access call origination) service bought directly from BT, will be available from 2 April and will cost £14.99 a month. Friaco is the unmetered deal BT was forced to offer ISPs and telcos by watchdog Oftel.

The package will come pre-installed on all new Tiny PCs and will be available to all Tiny Online customers.

Time’s unmetered package is completely free. The catch? It’s only available with the purchase of its new Supa Time PC and only for a 12-month period.

“The deal is different to other unmetered access packages,” said a Time spokesperson. “It saves the [extra] cost of internet access on top of the price already incurred to buy a new PC, allowing free surfing for a whole year.”

The new Supa machines come in three specs, with the base model costing £899 incl. VAT.