Fresh on the heels of the announcement that it will take over PC giant Compaq, HP has announced a new handheld Jornada computer, the 560 series.

And, fresh from the press release, here are the details. The 560 series is a colour unit, weighs 170g and has features 'familiar to existing HP Jornada 540 customers along with enhancements to both the hardware and software suite'.

It has, says the firm, a built-in CompactFlash Type I extended slot. This should mean easy use of memory cards and optional accessories such as wireless network solutions as well as HP's camera slot-in.

HP boasts of the Jornada's removable/rechargable 14-hour, lithium-polymer battery and something called SafeStore, which offers 'an additional 8MB of FlashROM for backing up vital data and applications'.

There's a 16bit front-lit TFT reflective colour screen backed by an Intel StrongARM 206MHz processor. The new models come in a choice of 32MB or 64MB RAM versions. While this surely designed for storing more documents and databases (yeah right) it also means more room for music and pictures.

Prices are set at £469 for the 32MB version (pictured) and £549 for the 64MB version.