Fans of MiniDiscs and notebooks are in for a treat — Sony's going to bung an MD player in a notebook.

Out on 13 May, Sony's latest NV100 series notebooks feature a number of innovative expansions, like a MiniDisc drive and a subwoofer.

Two models are available — the stripped-down PCG-NV105 and the full-featured PCG-NV109M.

Both have the same desktop replacement chassis (pictured) however, at 336x276x53mm and weighing 3.9kg, neither is the most portable notebook available.

The main differentiator between the two, despite a 14.1in screen on the cheaper NV105 versus a 15in on the NV109M, is the bundled accessories.

With the NV109M you get the MiniDisc bay and subwoofer thrown in for £1,704 ex VAT. The cheaper NV105 will set you back £1,361 ex VAT, but it only comes with a floppy drive; the MiniDisc and subwoofer are extra-cost options.

The Net MD drive provides a quick way to copy your music to MiniDisc, but there's no support for data — it's for music only. The subwoofer adds surprising depth to the traditional tiny notebook sound experience.

Both machines feature Intel's Mobile Pentium 4 processor, running at 1.6GHz, plus 256MB of DDR (double data rate) RAM and a 30GB hard drive. There's a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive too, plus a suite of bundled software to spur your creativity.