Business-only ISP Mistral is offering a money back guarantee ADSL service to small and medium sized businesses.

The ISP is pledging to refund the £260 installation fees if its engineers fail to connect business customers within seven days.

Despite boasting a mere 20-strong technical team, the company claims it still has the edge on rival ISPs, including BT, Demon and Easynet, in terms of roll out speed.

As of today (24 October) business customers in the proximity of ADSL-enabled exchanges can get all the usual benefits associated with broadband ADSL, including always-on access, much faster download speeds and fully fledged videoconferencing.

Pricing for the service starts at £1264 per year (plus £260 installation fees) for a maximum downstream connection of 500kbps and an upstream speed of 250kbps.

Speed monsters with budgets stretching to £2344 per year get a 2Mbps downstream connection.

Costs include the router, configuration, installation and the service itself. A minimum contract runs for 12 months.

According to managing director Steve Spink it is raw speed rather than much-hyped ASPs (application service providers) that will drive initial uptake amongst UK businesses. "Outsourcing all your IT doesn't make sense at the moment," he said. Tel: 0800 328 7253.