UK PC maker Mesh is to abandon its controversial customer call-back procedure in favour of a conventional queuing system.

Under the call-back system, customers who phone the North London-based PC builder for post-sales support have their call logged and are promised a return call within a specific timeframe.

The advantage of this procedure is that Mesh pays for the call and the appropriate support person makes the call armed with the customer's service history and PC specification.

But the process has received considerable criticism from Mesh customers who have complained to PC Advisor saying Mesh customer service people don't call back when they say they will.

So Mesh is switching to a conventional queued support call system, despite service director Geraldine Dawson fiercely defending call-back in PC Advisor's April 2001 issue.

"Call-back was appropriate when we were a certain size, but now we have expanded it makes sense to move to a live calling system," said Mesh managing director Max Sherafati.

The precise timing of the change hasn't been decided yet, but it will probably coincide with Mesh's relocation to a new HQ in September. "It will only happen when we have the right infrastructure and people in place," said Mesh marketing manager John Hendrick.