Mesh has amended its advertising after a complaint about its description of its technical support was upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ad copy claims "24x7 online technical support", referring to a self-service area of the website. The complainant said it implied email support; the ASA agreed.

When Mesh asked what wording the ASA would prefer it was told to take out the word "technical".

"This didn't seem to alter the meaning much, so we took the whole line out," said Mesh marketing manager John Hendrick. "We thought it best to avoid any confusion whatsoever."

Other PC suppliers use similar wording in their advertising to refer to self-service troubleshooting areas of their websites. But, as the ASA says, it can only adjudicate on ads about which it receives complaints.

Another complaint about the supply of recovery software with Mesh PCs was thrown out by the ASA.