UK shoppers are spending even more money online according to a survey from the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland). Last Christmas British online shoppers were estimated to have spent around £1bn, but these new figures indicate that figure has risen to £2bn per month.

The RBS report found, on average, UK shoppers were spending £86 per person per month on the net, which adds up to a massive £2bn per month in total. It also appears that shopping habits are reversed online, with women less keen on indulging in web-based retail than men. On average men spend £95 per month, whereas women cough up just £78.

The most common online buys are just what you might expect — CDs, DVDs and videos make up 41 percent of purchases, while books account for a further 31 percent. But people also use the wide reach of the net to hook more unusual items including gravity boots, a stormtrooper outfit, a wresting mask and four African snails, according to RBS.

But it's not just luxury or plain old strange purchases that occur online, web shopping also has a valuable social benefit, with older surfers using it to buy basics like food and drink. Nearly one in five so-called 'silver surfers' (those aged over 55) buy groceries and drinks online, compared to just three percent of younger users aged between 16-24.