Proving once and for all that the devil has the best tunes, those hip, creative Mac types have released a musical tribute to their favourite brand of computer.

I Love My Mac The Song, by toothsome Canadian songstress Daphne Kalfon, has been ripping up the airwaves (or should that be the bandwidth?) since 2004. You can buy it on iTunes, obviously.

Apparently Daphne is a 'professional' songwriter, who uses GarageBand - the Mac OS music-editing tool - to craft her pieces. GarageBand is, it has to be said, a nifty piece of code. Especially as it comes free with any Mac.

The chirpy pop tune outlines many of the perceived benefits of Apple Computers (strangely, it steers clear of gaming). I also wonder, Ms Kalfon, quite how secure the Mac OS would be if hackers ever decided to bother with the minority platform.

Oh, and it's deeply irritating, but more catchy than the plague. Listen to it only if you want to annoy the kids by whistling all weekend.

Listening to (most of) it made me ponder on how unlikely a Windows PC tribute song would be. It's possible that PC users have better things to do with their time than make musical love to a 'pooter. Because, Mac fans, a computer is all that a Mac is. It's good-looking and relatively secure, but it's not cheap and it is to gaming what Jade Goody is to sophisticated after-dinner repartee.