The Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is pursuing a variety of
leads in the ILOVEYOU computer virus case after the Philippine Department of
Justice ordered the release of a recently detained suspect according to NBI
Director Federico M. Opinion.

The NBI yesterday detained one suspect, Reomel Ramones, for questioning and
recommended to the Department of Justice that he be arrested, said Opinion.
However, the department had subsequently ordered his release "to give the NBI
more time to analyse the evidence," Opinion said in a telephone interview today.

A hearing on the case will be held on May 19, Opinion said. "A case (has been)
provided to the Department of Justice recommending the arrest" of Ramones,
Opinion said. "We have to present [the case] before the prosecutor's office for
them to accept or reject it," he said.

The NBI expects to question other people in the case, however. "So far we have
to line up about 10 people for interview whose names were found among papers
confiscated during the raid," Opinion said.

Other evidence seized included a number of computer diskettes, he said, that had
not yet been examined to determine their relevance to the case. "We expect to
find out tomorrow," he said.

The ILOVEYOU, or "Love Bug," virus and its variants swept the globe last week,
causing billions of pounds worth of damage.