Telewest is offering a self-install broadband package designed to initiate users in the wonders of wireless.

The package, which costs £35, is a "very basic wireless setup", according to Telewest's Alexandra Legg, designed to "introduce wireless technology to the everyday user". It consists of two parts and can be ordered for use with either a notebook or desktop PC: a NetGear wireless access point that plugs into the integrated cable modem in your TV set-top box and a wireless card or dongle for your notebook or PC.

Legg says that the package can only be used with one device at a time as it offers a single IP address. "It is not about connecting multiple devices, but about introducing the freedom of wireless," she explains.

The package is aimed at non-technical users, and Legg claims it should take no more than half an hour to set up. Telewest opted for a simple solution, as it found that the majority of its customers were "not savvy enough" to set up their own home network, says Legg. But it is looking to introduce a home networking package at some time in the future.

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