Lexmark has upgraded its series of business printers and kept pricing unchanged in an attempt attract Britain’s small firms.

The printer manufacturer claims that the £689 price tag for the Optra M412 undercuts the market leading products of other manufacturers by 30 percent.

The printer is capable of 17 pages per minute (ppm), 12 seconds time to first page (TTFP), has a 133Mhz processor, 4Mb of memory and a 40,000 page duty cycle.

Lexmark also introduced a higher end version, the Optra T614, which is capableof 25ppm, 9 second TTFP, 200 Mhz processor, 8Mb memory and a 130,000 page dutycycle.

The printer will launch with a price of £989, again undercutting rivals. The Optra C710 was unveiled accompanied by the claim that it was the first1200x1200 dpi colour laser printer to hit the £1,499 level.

Lexmark claimed that this SME (small to medium-sized enterprises) targeted printer was also 30 percent below the price of the market leader.

The product range upgrade was completed with the introduction of the Optra E312, a small business targeted mono laser printer for £310. It will produce 8ppm, 15seconds TTFP, has a 67 Mhz processor, 4Mb memory and a duty cycle of 10,000pages.