Allowing your mobile phone to become master by letting it give you commands, telling you what to do and when to do it, may sound like science fiction but in fact it's a new mobile game, Surrender Control, which is set to sweep the nation.

The game comes from The Media Centre, a conglomeration of e-businesses based in Huddersfield. The idea behind it is to change the way we think about mobile phones and to disrupt normal patterns of behaviour, and of course to make a little money.

Flyers carrying a telephone number will be left in bars asking, 'Do you want to surrender control?'. Once the person calls up, the game begins. Players receive a series of instructions via text messages on their handsets.

Starting off with simple questions about your social life, the game then moves on to issue commands, telling you to complete tasks like breaking something or touching someone next to you.

This is reminiscent of other games, such as EA's Majestic (pictured), which played you as much as you played it. There was also a version of this linked to the launch of the film AI.

Although text message games have been around for years, the company hopes this controlling style will change the way we think about our phones in true Big Brother fashion. But be warned: text messages will be charged at the national rate.

The game ends with a suitably surreal final text message, which tells you to forget everything you have experienced.

Unfortunately no one at The Media Centre was available for comment. Let's hope the company's a bit more reliable at sending out text messages, or it could be a very short game.

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