Sony plans to release a headmounted display for use with its PlayStation2 game console.

Players can wear the PS2 headset to immerse themselves in the game's environment so they feel as if they are playing in a virtual world.

The PUD-J5A display carries two 0.44in, 1.8 million-pixel LCDs (liquid crystal display) attached to over-the-head headphones. Sony says these displays will give the user a sense of watching a 42in screen at a distance of two metres.

The device can track a user's head movements and display corresponding images when connected to a PS2 console. Game software compatible with the tracking function will be unveiled "soon by some vendors", said Sony.

The display can be also connected to the output of DVD players or VCRs for widescreen viewing.

The 340g headset's display connects via a cable to the interface box that operates the head-action tracker function.

The display will go onsale in Japan on 26 September and will cost priced ¥59,800 (£323). But Sony has no plans to launch the product overseas, according to spokeswoman Mina Naito.

The company is watching its back when it comes to health issues, recommending that children under 15 shouldn't use the device and anyone with eye or heart disease should consult a doctor first.