An email virus that sends users to pornographic websites is spreading across the world at an alarming rate. The Homepage virus infects computers through Microsoft Outlook and then bulk-sends itself to everyone in the user’s address book.

Although the virus is harmless on its own – it simply directs users to one of four randomly selected porn sites – the transmission of multiple copies of the message can overload email servers. Minors could also be sent the worm and end up viewing unsuitable web content.

The worm virus is written in Visual Basic Script and is thought to have been created using the same virus generator as the Anna Kournikova worm. The email is headed 'Homepage' and the message reads: 'Hi! You’ve got to see this page! It’s really cool ;O)'.

Raimund Genes, European vice president of antivirus firm Trend Micro, said the virus could have infected more than 20,000 computers worldwide since its first appearance in the US yesterday. The worm has now spread to Japan, Australia and the UK.

To prevent VBS viruses infecting your PC simply follow our instructions on how to turn off Visual Basic Scripting here.