The burgeoning E-book genre got another boost earlier this week as eager fans rushed to Stephen King’s Web site to download the second instalment of his serial novel, The Plant.

Monday’s 100,000 downloads exceeded last month’s launch of part one.

King teased fans in July by saying future instalments would only be posted if at least three quarters of his readers coughed up the $1 (70p) fee.

But the horror writer still isn’t guaranteeing a conclusion to the series, unless fans keep up their honesty policy.

"Each instalment will be decided on an individual basis," says a King spokesperson. "Even if he has more [of the book] written, if [payments] drop below 75 percent, he just won't put it up."

According to the spokesperson parts three and four are ready to go and King is currently hard at work on part five. In its first week of launch part one received more than 150,000 downloads.

To handle the e-commerce side, King is employing the services of Amazon to process credit card payments on the Web.

If parts three and four go as well as the first two, King is hinting that the final instalment could be offered for free as a special thank you to the honesty of his readers.

Check it out, if you dare, by visiting