Users of some Motorola mobile phones will be able to purchase songs from Apple's iTunes service to store and listen to on the phone, leaders of the two companies announced Monday evening.

New, advanced Motorola mobile phones will be able to carry about a dozen iTunes songs downloaded from a PC or Macintosh starting in the first half of next year, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple will develop an iTunes mobile music player application that Motorola will use as the standard music software on mass-market music phones expected in next year's first half, according to Motorola. Users will be able to download songs from the iTunes jukebox on a Mac or PC, including songs purchased from the iTunes service, and transfer them to a Motorola music phone via USB or Bluetooth.

Motorola have also demonstrated several devices coming by the end of this year, including a combination Wi-Fi and cell phone designed to give employees a single work phone to use both in the office and outside. The company is set to announce on Tuesday a system to enable this functionality.

The company has also shown phones playing an Mpeg4 feature film, live TV and a videoconference. Motorola chairman and CEO Ed Zander also this week unveiled a phone called Razor, which he touted as the next-generation phone from Motorola that will create a sensation similar to the StarTac pocket-size clamshell phone that came out in 1996. The clamshell Razor weighs 95g, has a digital camera and a 2.2-inch (5.5-centimeter) display, can use MP3 music ringtones, and will ship "everywhere" in time for this year's Christmas shopping season, Zander said.