Minolta-QMS, the printer division of the group probably best known for cameras, has come up with a crafty, quicker way of printing in colour.

Also, Minolta told us today while showing off its new printer, that from Monday it will cut the UK price of its low-end colour laser, the Magicolor 2200, from £995 to £849 ex VAT, which should come out at a street price of around £799 ex VAT. So if you're looking at a low-end colour laser, you might want to hold off until next week.

As for the clever, though pricey, Magicolor 3100, the trick to the fast colour printing lies in mirrors. Instead of getting a sheet of paper to pass through a printer up to four times as each colour is laid on, Minolta's latest printer uses a set of mirrors to activate all the toner colours at once. Thus paper can go from blank to printed in one pass.

This is really a network printer, so it's only suitable for small businesses and upwards, but Minolta claims it can kick out 16ppm (pages per minute) in colour and monochrome which is impressively quick for colour. The Magicolor 3100 should be on the street at £2,495 ex VAT — or more likely lower than this list price.