In Japan's fast-moving mobile phone market, new handsets packed with the latest innovations come out almost every month. At the end of 2000, handset makers began to offer models with built-in digital still cameras, and now Toshiba has produced the first still digital camera handset with a flash — the J-T06.

The flash is not built into the camera but plugs into the earphone socket on the righthand side of the handset. Toshiba has also put a shutter button on the side of the telephone body so that the phone can be held more like a conventional camera when taking a picture.

A number of sound clips have also been loaded into the phone, including shutter sounds and a voice encouraging you to, "Say cheese!". However, experiences of similar fakery in PC Advisor's reviews of digital cameras have, without exception, only annoyed.

Other features of the new handset include support for Java and J-Phone's Java Appli service. The handset has a 2in colour LCD (liquid crystal display) screen capable of 120x160 resolution 65,536 colours, making it one of the highest-quality displays currently featured on a mobile phone. Weight is 89grams and battery life is fair with a continuous talk time of 120 minutes and a standby time of 300 hours (12.5 days).