Despite a report at the end of last year from virtual network operator Sirocom which predicted that around 30 percent of UK workers would be spending their Christmases stuck in front of their computers working from home, the majority of PC Advisor readers took a well-earned break instead, although they never strayed too far from their trusty PCs.

Around 80 percent of those readers who took part in the light-hearted survey we posted on PC Advisor's ConsumerWatch forum used the Christmas holidays to spend with friends and family.

"It's the first time since I started work in 1978 that I will have had both Christmas Day and New Year's Day as leave so I intend to enjoy it," said Simsy, one forum visitor. "I won't be doing any 'work' work at home, though I will be doing some work on my PC that will benefit me [when I get] back to work."

One thing's for sure, most of those who took part in the survey were never too far away from their PCs — Christmas or not — with three readers actually logging on to the site on the big day itself.

Sadly not everyone was afforded the luxury of logging on from home. Visitor CliffP points out: "As a poor contractor I will be working every hour that I can. I have kindly offered my services here where I work, so that the permanent staff can enjoy as much time off as they like." Ahhh, what a thoughtful bloke.

After the well-deserved break we at PC Advisor are now back at work covering all the latest IT news for your delectation.