The now infamous case of the internet twins was settled yesterday, when the High Court ruled the children must be sent back to their birthplace - St Louis, Missouri.

After five days of evidence from social workers, child experts and the children's parents, who wanted the twins to be returned to home, the court decided it would be in their best interests to be sent back to the US.

The Kilshaws, who adopted the twins from America via the web, were disappointed by the verdict and said they may appeal the decision.

This is a landmark case, which will act as a precedent to other couples that are considering adopting children over the internet.

"The children's welfare is paramount and the court has to act in their best interest," said a spokesperson at children's charity NSPCC.

In a press statement, Mr Justice Kirkwood, presiding, said "It would not be in the welfare interest of the twins for them to be returned to Mr and Mrs Kilshaw."