Intel plans to release three new processors for notebook computers on Monday, including a mobile Pentium III that runs at 850MHz with the help of Intel's SpeedStep power management technology.

SpeedStep allows Intel's mobile processors to operate at two levels of performance. When a notebook is plugged into a mains outlet, the processor runs at "full power mode."

Away from the mains outlet, the processor automatically drops its clock speed, preserving battery life.

One of the new chips will run at 850MHz in full-power mode, dropping to 700MHz when the notebook is running on batteries.

The other chip runs at 800MHz in full-power mode, dropping to 650MHz away from the mains supply.

Also on Monday, Intel will launch a mobile Celeron processor running at 700MHz. Intel's Celeron chips are aimed at more value-conscious buyers.

Systems that use the new processors will be available immediately from a handful of major notebook manufacturers.

Companies who typically offer Intel's latest processors include Compaq, Dell and IBM.

Intel's fastest mobile Pentium III today runs at 750MHz, while the mobile Celeron line tops out at 650MHz.