Intel will release a mobile version of its Core 2 Extreme chip during the third quarter of this year. The Intel Mobile Core 2 Extreme processor will be launched in high-end gaming notebooks equipped with Nvidia's SLI graphics system.

Intel's Sean Maloney announced the upcoming Intel Mobile Core 2 Extreme chip during a keynote presentation at the Computex exhibition, which started today in Taipei. This is the first time Intel has developed a high-end mobile chip for gamers.

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"You're going to see an extreme version of Merom on the notebook with Nvidia SLI in the third quarter," said Maloney. Merom is the code name for Intel's current line of mobile chips.

"It's going to be for a hardcore gamer who values performance over anything and my suspicion is that you're going to see them in 17in [notebooks] and above, but we'll see," Maloney said. "At the Santa Rosa launch, there were 21in notebooks."

Combined with Nvidia's SLI technology, which uses two graphics chips instead of one, notebooks based on the chip are intended to replace high-end desktops used by gamers.

Previously, Intel's products for the PC gaming market where designed for desktops, although that didn't stop Asustek from shoehorning a Core 2 Extreme desktop chip into its C90 notebook, which was unveiled at Computex.

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"The notebook business is getting to be a big, big, big business and it's splitting out into multiple segments," Maloney said.

Next year, Intel plans to offer mobile chips that often even more performance for gamers. At the Intel Developer Forum held in Beijing during April, the company revealed plans for a quad-core mobile chip to be released next year for gamers. That chip will be based on Penryn, a family of 45nm chips that Intel plans to release later this year.

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