Intel may have beaten AMD to the punch with the launch of its Pentium III 1.13MHz chip, but UK consumers will face a challenging mission if they actually want a PC based on the processor.

Following the shortages of Intel’s 1GHz processor, the chip giant has also limited the numbers of the 1.13GHz version, which was launched on 3 August.

Hans Juergen, Intel technical program manager at Intel Europe confirmed that: “end users will have no access to the 1.13GHz [chip itself].” He added that only selected manufacturers would receive shipments.

Juergen would only confirm Tiny Computers as a UK manufacturer with access to the chip. However a survey of a number of the retailer’s stores revealed a wait of about a month to receive a 1.13MHz based machine - three weeks longer than the rest of its models.

Manufacturers planning to use the latest Pentium III will face more challenges than just availability. The slot one chip will only work with a few compatible motherboards and a special BIOS update is also needed.

Gateway, Mesh, IBM, Dan and Dell currently have none of the processors. Previously Dell had received exclusive access to the 1GHz Pentium III’s when launched in April.

AMD is to launch a 1.1GHz Athlon on 28 August. This processor will be available to all manufacturers and the public with no restrictions on supply.