Intel is discontinuing the credit card-sized Rex organiser, a product it acquired when it took over Xircom in January, Intel confirmed today.

"We looked at the core strengths of Xircom and decided the Rex isn't one of them. Intel will focus on fixed and wireless communication products for notebook PCs and handheld computers," said Kristof Sehmke, a spokesman for Intel in Belgium. This is a bit of a shame as Rex users rather like the device.

Xircom touted the Rex as the world's smallest PDA (personal digital assistant.) The device, the talk of the 1997 Comdex trade show, had a touch screen and is synchronised with a notebook PC by sliding the Rex into a Type II PC Card slot. A special cradle was available for desktop PC users.

Production of the Rex was stopped in the first quarter and Intel has now sold out its inventory, although some devices are still available said Sehmke. Employees who worked on the Rex have been assigned to other projects, he said., an online service that provides news and other information to Rex users, will continue to operate until the end of August, according to Intel. After that users will be able to use their Rex as an organiser, but won't receive news updates when they sync with a PC.

Xircom acquired the Rex from Franklin Electronic Publishers in 1999 for $13.25m.