Intel strayed from its core chip-making business yesterday with the US launch of a new set of wireless PC peripherals, designed to remove some of the clutter from the workspace.

The processor giant said its Wireless Series product family will include a wireless game pad, mouse and keyboard. Additionally, Intel touted a new wireless base station that allows users to add up to eight devices onto the same unit without needing additional receivers to run the peripherals.

While stations typically support one or two devices per receiver, according to Intel, its new wireless series can connect numerous devices into the single, unified station.

Intel said serious video game players can hook up four of the wireless game pads at once to allow multiple users to compete against each other at the same time.

Many of the major video games companies now offer this feature on their consoles.

The base station relies on radio frequency for the transmission of data between it and the devices and delivers the information via a USB (universal serial bus).

Intel said the game pad can also double as a mouse, allowing users to scan Internet pages and scroll over documents.

The device comes with a built-in LCD indicator that shows the units battery strength, player number and when the device is in mouse mode.

The base station should start at around £40. Pricing and availability for the UK have yet to be announced, though an Intel spokesman confirmed the range would definitely be launching in Britain.