Newspaper delivery boys could be out of a job if Hewlett-Packard has its way.

The company will next month launch the OfficeJet K Series, a two-strong range of multi-function printers aimed at telecommuters.

Featuring an Internet application called HP NetDirect that provides a series of services over the Web without requiring a PC, the two models will print out highlights from your favourite online newspapers for you to peruse at your leisure over an early morning brew.

Without turning a PC on, a user can send and receive e-mail as well as find Web sites and print the information from the site by placing URLs into the speed-dial repository of the machines.

The devices will also carry out traditionally multifunction roles, such as colour printer, faxing, scanning and copying capabilities on a single machine.

The K60 will be priced at around £270 and the K80 version will cost £340.

Although the Net applications on multi-functions are a new feature, industry watchers doubt that users will opt to access the Internet via an all-in-one device when they probably already own a more user-friendly PC.