Specs for the HP's forthcoming Slate PC have apparently been leaked online.

The leaked document - acquired by Engadget - shows a head-to-head comparison of the HP Slate and the Apple iPad, but what is not on the Slate spec sheet says as much about the Slate as what is on there.

Let me start by saying that I think the HP Slate looks very impressive based on the videos that have been released, and that it seems like it's a much more natural fit as a mobile business productivity tool than the iPad.

I have an Apple iPad (I am typing this article using iWork Pages for iPad), but I am seriously considering an HP Slate purchase as well when it becomes available.

I already covered the features of the HP Slate revealed by the video that look impressive and set it apart from the iPad - expandable memory, Adobe Flash, forward- and rear-facing cameras, etc.

However, I did not explore the ways that the iPad still has an edge.

The leak of more detailed specs provides an even better opportunity for a direct comparison.

Battery life

The iPad boasts more than double the battery life of the HP Slate.

The five hours of battery life is better than what you get with a standard laptop and it's on par with battery performance on most netbooks, but it falls well short of the 10-plus hours of battery life in the iPad.


Microsoft has made improvements to the hibernate and sleep functionality in Windows 7 - it saves the computer state and resumes operation much faster than previous versions of Windows.

However, the HP Slate will still take a while to log in to Windows 7 Home Premium.

The Apple iPad is built on the iPhone mobile OS and provides instant-on access to the device.

Size matters

While the two devices are virtually identical in weight at under 1kg each, the HP Slate gets there with a smaller display and a thicker chassis.

The Slate's display is nearly an inch smaller than the 9.7in screen of the iPad, and the Slate is thicker than the iPad - which already suffers in comparison to the weight and thickness of devices like the Amazon Kindle.

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