HP is attempting to make the back-up storage process less tedious for small businesses with the announcement of its SureStore AutoBackup thin server range.

It will launch in the UK on 1 July amid claims the Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance will simplify backup procedures and provide disaster recovery for firms too small to employ an IT department.

The system will reduce the administration needs of back-up by automating much of the process for desktop and notebook PCs.

Notebooks are backed up as soon as they are connected to the network. Back up can also be performed remotely over the web for salespeople on the road.

Ron Speed, head of HP’s European Storage appliance division claimed the server could be set up within 15 minutes “It is simple and quick to configure and then it requires little follow up administration. It reduces the risks of lost data and allows small businesses to get on with more important value-add tasks for the company.”

Laptops on average will take 15 minutes for a full system back up, this is cut to a few minutes for subsequent back ups, as only changes are then recorded.

It includes a CD-RW, which can be used for disaster recovery and there is also a tape drive included for extra piece of mind.

There will be two systems launched initially, a 25-user system, the PC25, which can store 60Gb of data and will sell for around £3000. A 100-user version, the PC100, will also be available with 240Gb of storage at £7000.

HP is planning a 250-user version next year and a 1000 user version after that.