Electronics giant HP launched no fewer than 158 products at its Colour Olympics event in Athens this week, giving journalists from around the world the opportunity to take a closer look.

Some of the most impressive products were the Photosmart 7960, the first commercially available eight-ink photo printer. It uses three separate ink cartridges including the HP No 59 grey photo print cartridge — also previewed at the event.

According to HP, this new cartridge will improve the quality of both black-and-white and colour photo printing. The £249 Photosmart has a built-in 2.5in LCD panel and features a one-touch red-eye removal tool.

Two transparent scanners were also on display — the Scanjet 4600 and 4670. Looking a little bit like empty picture frames at just 17mm thick, they are the thinnest scanners on the market. Their see-through cases give a unique view of the scanning process, and these units will even scan things vertically such as a picture on a wall. The 4600 comes in at £149 while the 4670 is £179.

The Photosmart 945 is a sub-£400 5.3Mp (megapixel) digital camera with a 56x zoom. The 945 makes use of adaptive lighting technology to rebalance the contrast of pictures and counteract the effect of light and shadow, while built-in help wizards offer a guide to the camera's functions.

HP was also showing off projectors, colour laser printers, notebooks and PCs from the Pavilion range. Delegates were treated to a sneak peek at some preproduction hardware including a media centre PC.