Online retailer claims it will this weekend finally clear the backlog of orders that have affected up to 2,000 angry customers.

According to marketing director Andy Singleton the problems were caused by the implementation of its £5m Retek management information system, which it started piloting 10 weeks ago.

"We tested it with our full load of business, and inevitably there have been few bugs," said Singleton.

But Singleton promised PC Advisor readers that this weekend will see end of the backlog, and that "in a month's time the service will be better than it ever was".

Singleton said in most cases had the correct stock in its warehouses but had difficulty matching orders with customer names and addresses.

PC Advisor readers have been caught in the crossfire with one victim still waiting for his Fujitsu-Siemens notebook over a month after initially placing the order.

Another reader, who goes by the nickname of Aspman in our ConsumerWatch forum and is still waiting for his HP Jornada PDA, appears to have suffered from's name-to-order mismatch.

While is guilty of peddling the old "victim of its own success" story, it should be stressed that this is not a fly-by-night operation. Rather, Jungle is part of the catalogue retailer Great Universal Stores, the parent company that also owns Argos and fashion retailer Burberry.

According to Singleton, will this year clock up sales worth £100m, and has plans to increase this figure tenfold in the next three to four years.

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