Graphics card maker Hercules, today announced the upcoming launch of its two most powerful graphics cards to date, the 3D Prophet 9700 (pictured) and the 3D Prophet 9500 Pro.

The high-end graphics boards, hailed as a gamer’s dream by their manufacturer, feature future-proof 3D architecture, which enables “full hardware acceleration to the latest APIs” (application programme interfaces), those being Microsoft’s DirectX 9 and OpenGL, in a bid to provide users with a more realistic gaming experience.

“As the number of hardcore gamers continues to grow exponentially, new games are naturally making use of all the latest 3D features. And to experience these innovations in all their glory, PCs must be updated with the right equipment,” said Danny Jack, product manager at Hercules UK.

The 3D Prophet is based on the latest ATI Radeon 9700 architecture, featuring eight-pixel pipeline architecture (clocked at 275MHz), Microsoft’s DirectX 9.0 hardware acceleration, and a 256bit DDR memory interface.

Ideal for first-person shooter gamers, its manufacturers claim it offers unsurpassed stability, even at the highest clock speed, thanks to a unique copper-base cooling fan and complete heatsink coverage. The copper’s high thermal conductivity ensures heat is dissipated quickly.

The 3D Prophet 9500 Pro, based on the architecture of the ATI Radeon 9500 Pro, offers the same specifications as the 3D Prophet 9700, but features a smaller 128bit DDR interface.

The 9700 will be available at the end of November with the 9500 Pro arriving a month later. Prices have not yet been set.