Best known for its Prophet range of graphics cards, Hercules is branching out into LCD monitors and digital cameras.

The DualPix camera is pitched at the budget end of the market — for £89 it will provide 27 shots at 1,024x768 resolution (a megapixel rating of about 0.8Mp) or 128 shots at 640x480. It can also capture 2min 30s of video at the lower resolution, and can be used as a webcam.

Hercules' first LCD screen is the 15in ProphetView 720, a Samsung-made panel fast enough to play 3D games and DVDs, and pretty enough to be regarded as an object d'art, promised Hercules production director Bruno Ormel.

In the real world, the screen is under an inch thick and finished in an innocuous metallic blue. And remember, a 15in LCD provides the same viewing area as a 17in CRT monitor.

At £399 it isn't cheap, but expect prices to fall before the end of the year.

Early next year Hercules plans to introduce a 17in LCD screen, probably a DVI version bundled with a DVI Prophet card.