Whoever said size doesn't matter wasn't talking about personal digital assistants. Handspring has trimmed its Visor down to size, making the new Edge.

With a metallic case around 12mm thick, Handspring's Visor Edge is its answer to the Palm V. It comes in a choice of red, silver and blue, and is only available at Handspring.co.uk for now. It should be in real-world stores in around a week. Handspring has priced the unit at £329 inc VAT.

But something had to give to make the Edge really slim. Handspring had to turn its previously integrated Springboard expansion slot into an add-on itself.

"Visor Edge still supports all Springboard modules," says Jeff Hawkins, Handspring chair and chief product officer. "You can add the Springboard slot as an option." He calls it the best of both the thin and expandable worlds.

The Visor Edge weighs in at less than 141g. It has 8MB of memory, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 33MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor.