GoFly.com has been ranked the best travel site in a survey carried out by internet watchdog Qualiope.

The study, which recorded hits to all holiday sites throughout the month of April, revealed that 99.4 percent of GoFly's advertised holidays were available on the site and that the average response time per page was 0.7 seconds.

British Airways took second place in the survey, followed by EasyJet's and eBookers' websites.

"People are using the internet to book holidays for its sheer convenience," said a British Airways spokesperson. "It is therefore essential that we are constantly improving our site and making it as convenient as we can - hopefully encouraging more people to book online."

Qualiope's survey will give the top-ranked holiday sites added leverage at this crucial time of year for travel agents in the run up to the summer.

"Many people book later than they used to," said a press officer at Lastminute.com, which was ranked fifth in the survey. "Sites like ours allow people to take advantage of last-minute bargains. Over the next few months we'll see a surge in holiday purchases as people snap up cancellations and bargain offers."

Qualiope found that response times differed dramatically between the best and worst sites, with RyanAir taking between two and three seconds per page. Although users weren't queuing within a store, they were effectively queuing for pages to be delivered.

"Easy to use, convenient and fast: those are the most popular requests from users," said British Airways spokesperson.