The government yesterday launched its Get Started campaign in a bid to let adults who haven't yet ventured online see exactly what they're missing.

The campaign will be backed by the likes of Intel, BT and Microsoft. Intel for example, will be running its Intel Inside roadshow in shopping centres across the UK giving the public the chance to use a whole range of peripherals, such as digital cameras, with internet applications.

"The Get Started campaign is truly innovative and provides an excellent model for how we in government should be working with the private and voluntary sectors. Together we will not allow the digital divide to grow," said Patricia Hewitt Trade and Industry secretary.

The starter sessions will show users how to access the internet, set up an email account and use search engines. As an extra incentive, there's a prize draw to win free internet connection, PCs and digital cameras. More information can be found here.

The scheme runs until 30 June across 8,000 centres throughout the UK. Call 0800 771 234 to find the one nearest you.